Have you been wondering how to stay safe online?

In the world today, we do basically everything online. Shopping, browsing, social media banking etc.

Have you ever had this experience where you see that you’re suddenly for example subscribed to an online news source you don’t remember ever subscribing to? No? Well I have and I get confused as to how and when that happened and then I find it difficult to unsubscribe which can be very annoying and stressful; but I got to know that it was because I was not protected online. My information was somewhere on the internet somehow.

To avoid having to go through something like this or even worse, I’ll share some tips that would be very helpful to you and your loved ones.

First, you should protect your identity online. Avoid giving out your personal information like your name, home address, or phone number to anyone you don’t know via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email or in online chatrooms and bulletin boards. Make sure you do not have any form of communication with strangers, and do not send photos too.

The next tip would be to protect your computer. Endeavour to always update your security software. It is a must as it will protect you and your family from scammers, hackers and other types of online threats that can compromise your private information, your financial security, and your computer system. Try to get a software security that can automatically update this way, keeping your technology current and decreasing the likelihood of picking up viruses or unsolicited programs.

The third tip is to create unique passwords. To be able to stay safe online, use different passwords for every online account you may have to prevent others from accessing your personal information. Try as much as possible to monitor all these accounts or you can just try not to have so many accounts online. To make your passwords complex, try to mix in symbols, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. Do not use names or words that could be easily guessed but they should still be easy enough for you to remember.

My final tip for you would be to avoid cyberbullying at all cost. Cyberbullying can happen anytime and anywhere. Always think through what you want to post on the internet about people and the consequences and what effects it would have on them if your posts are hurtful, mean or unkind. Please speak to a trusted adult or anyone you trust if you are a victim of cyberbullying. So, I hope these tips have been helpful to you. Follow these tips diligently and you can do whatever you want to do on the internet worry free.

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