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Stella-Pride Academy is the first fully online secondary school and pre university coming out of Nigeria. The establishment of Stella-Pride Academy was inspired by the need to provide support to bridge gaps that have developed in learning, which results in academic underachievement. The focus was initially the secondary school student who has been engaged in the traditional school, and has been taught through traditional teaching methods without significant and sustained steady progress. This opened up the reality of providing affordable, accessible, individualized international education based on modern pedagogy to the vast population of secondary school and pre university students through online learning. 

Then came Covid-19, the unwelcomed interrupter of our time, which created an opportunity for more learners to embrace the authenticity of learning virtually. As the first online school of its kind coming out of Nigeria, Stella-Pride Academy is driven to lead learners to the confidence of their ability to learn without barriers to achieve their purpose in life. Secondary school age learners who have not fitted into the traditional classroom, those who may not be able to attend traditional physical schools due to other interests, or who may have been unsuccessful at any point in their secondary school education and still desire to make academic progress, now have an excellent choice in Stella-Pride Academy. They can study at any place, any time and at their pace without the disadvantages associated with in-person schooling; the experience of loss of knowledge created by life’s interruptions experienced during traditional classroom learning where teachers continue with their schemes of work when a student is absent in order to meet up with school calendar schedules.

Stella-Pride Academy also engages expert teachers from within and outside Africa who are committed to investing in secondary and pre university education without the barrier of distance. All the education providers share the conviction of Stella-Pride Academy which is the acknowledgment that we must adapt education to meet the needs of every learner, and their unique cognitive and social circumstances to provide alternative options to unlock their potentials to achieve their purpose in life. At Stella-Pride Academy, we create a new appreciation of education with an every-students-can-learn-what-they-desire philosophy. 

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